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There is a lot of ways to come to Tetuan, so you have no excuse!. You can fight from Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga to Tangier airport, by boat to Ceuta or Tangier from Algeciras or Tarifa respectively or by train or car from the rest of the country.

For small trips, the taxi is the best choice, so I recommend you to read this other section where I explain the routes, prices, stops etc.

Let's have a look at all the combinations.

#By plane

Tetouan airport has only a few commercial flights, to Amsterdam or Belgium (via Nador) and some domestic flights to other cities in the country, in fact it is almost an event to see an airplane flying over the city. But there are constant flights to Tangier, so if you come from Barcelona, Madrid or Malaga (or other European cities) is the best option. You have Iberia, Vueling, Ryanair, Royal Air Maroc, Air Arabia, TAP ... to flight to Tangier.

Tangier is approximately 1 hour from Tetouan, and you can come by taxi or bus. There are departures from both transports constantly, especially from taxis. Remember that once you get to the airport you must take a taxi to the center of Tangier and from there take the bus or the collective taxi to Tetuan, that is, there's not direct taxis or buses airport-Tetuan . (Unless you contract it privately) The price of the taxi from the airport to the center of Tangier is 100dh (since it is not shared), the bus to Tetuan is 30dh per room.

#By boat

Collective or Blue taxis do longer rides; they will take you to the towns along the shoreline, Ceuta, Tangier, Chaouen, Oued Law etc. These taxis fit up to 6 passengers plus diver, but if you wish to take up the taxi on your own you can pay for the remaining seats.
Taxi will only leave when all seats have been taken up which may mean a 5 minute or 30 minute wait; so if the wait becomes too long you can always pay the remaining seats to get going. Blue Taxis drop and collect people along the way. So if you catch one along the way you will pay according to your ride. The price will not vary if you catch it in different spots in the city itself. or if you decide to get off on the way.

#By train

Tetouan has no train station, there use to be one but it's been a long time since. So if you're traveling around the country and wish to come to Tetouan you need to go up to Tangier and from there get the bus or taxi, both of these stop at the bus station in Tetouan. Once you are in Tetouan you need to grab one of the yellow urban taxi ( petit taxi ) wich will take you to any zone in the city.

#By Car

Sincerily, I think that there is no really much to say on this matter, seeing as we all have some sort of map or gps somewhere in our phones or cars. If you don't have any of these available to you, you can plan your trip prior by buying or downloading some maps, or even jotting down some notes to help you in your journey. The motorway or highway that runs through the country is usually good so moving around Morocco is not complicated. However, I do advise that you keep on eye with some of the drivers and pedestrians ( especially in urban zones ), sometimes traffic can be chaotic.

Here you can check all the itinerary and timetables

Accommodation in Tetouan

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