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Taxis of Tetouan


Getting around Tetuan and surroundings without a car is easy and cheap using the 24 hours a day taxi service.
There are two sorts of taxi services, those which connect other towns and the local taxi service. I will give details and prices and at the end of the article you'll find a map of the taxi stops.

#Petit Taxi or the Yellow Taxis

These are the local city taxis and they run in the city, along the old Medina, Spanish Quarters “ensanche”. They only take up to 3 passengers, so if you are in a larger group you'll need to catch more than one.
Although there are defined taxi stops you may catch them wherever you see them, even if they are busy, just ask where they are heading and hop on. Central stops are in Primo Square, Town Hall, Bab el Oqla and bus station.


Prices will vary depending on the run, but they average 10dh, 7dh being the minimum.

#Colletive or Blue Taxis

Collective or Blue taxis do longer rides; they will take you to the towns along the shoreline, Ceuta, Tangier, Chaouen, Oued Law etc. These taxis fit up to 6 passengers plus diver, but if you wish to take up the taxi on your own you can pay for the remaining seats.
Taxi will only leave when all seats have been taken up which may mean a 5 minute or 30 minute wait; so if the wait becomes too long you can always pay the remaining seats to get going. Blue Taxis drop and collect people along the way. So if you catch one along the way you will pay according to your ride. The price will not vary if you catch it in different spots in the city itself. or if you decide to get off on the way.


Prices will vary according to routes and time . Night taxis will be 50% more expensive. Bellow some examples.

  • Tetouan - Ceuta : 17dh
  • Tetouan - Martil: 5dh
  • Tetouan - Rincon: 6dh
  • Tetouan - Tanger: 30dh
  • Tetouan - Oued Law: 25dh
  • Tetouan - Chaouen: 30dh
  • Tetouan - Tanger airpor: 400dh ( Full Taxi )



Usually missing, ask the driver, he's got it!


Forget it.... won't be there!


Usually 2 people will be seated on the front seat (+ driver)... a wooden plank will be joining the two front seats for comfort!


The old taxi cabs are slowly being replaced by modern-7-seat cars, with seatbelts and all fittings but there still aren't many of them around.



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