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Morroccan culture is of hospitality and they love to share celebrations, so don't be surprised if a person you have just met invites you to a wedding. Although it is possible to get a Caftan (traditional tunic) or suit made by the many taylors  in Tetouan you may want to rent one at the many clothes rental stores which are mostly found in the Feddan or Royal Palace zone. There you will find everything from the suit  or Caftan to the shoes and accesories to take part in the event you've been invited to and will never forget!


If you are planning to stay in Tetuan for some time, you might consider getting a Morrocan sim card to make local or international calls for a more reasonable price, or have phone internet. You have several choices such as Maroc Telecom, Orange (former Meditel) or Inwi. All companies have stores or services everywhere . 

I personally have Maroc Telecom and bellow are some examples of their services and offers.

You can, for example charge 10dh and depending on the code you insert when charging you will access the different services.

Code number + *2 = calls and internet.

Code number +*3= internet

Code number + *4= interational calls ( Charging 20 dh to international calls will give you 20 min of calls)

Different promotions will be available at different times.

Muslim holidays follow the lunar calendar and therefore vary about 12 days every year with regards to our calendar but will always last the same number of days. At the end of Ramadam, which lasts about 30 days, comes the Aid el Fitr which lasts 3 days and seventy days after the end of the Ramadam comes the Feast of the Lamb, which is celebrated on the same day of the week corresponding to the end of Ramadam, this celebration usually lasts 3 days, although some groups such as fishermen or butchers may feast up to 2 weeks.

Muslim New Year is celebrated 30 days after the Feast of the Lamb when commerce remains open, but public administration schools, etc don't. Ashura is celebrated 10 days after New Year and lasts 1 day. 

Restaurants usually close at around 11 pm and you won't find pubs. People usually get together in the privacy of their homes. 

There are bars and restaurants where alcohoolic drinks are served. (see tip bellow).

Yes! Tetuan is a safe city , but as in any other place there are better or worse neighbourhoods and spots which are not very recomendable at nightime, but during the day you should feel safe to visit anywhere. Nevertheless you must be wary of pickpockets  and keep you wallet and phone in a safe place. Carrying personal items in a bag and keeping it shut and in front of yourself is recomended, avoid carrying things in your pockets. No assaults... or violent situations, just be careful when walking through crowded places.

Although the Dirham is the official currency in Morroco , people also use other ways to express amounts, such as Rials or FranKs.

1dh = 100 Franks -  Alf frank ( one thousand Franks ) are 10dh.

1dh = 2 Rials – You may find that instead of asking you for 2,5dh, they will ask for 5 rials.

Rials are mostly used for small amounts whilst Franks are also used for bigger ones. 

To call a Morrocan number, say for example, from Spain you will find that international access is 00 and 212, then phone number for example 612 345 678

00 212 612 345 678

But once here just add a 0 before the Morrocan number 0612 345 678

How do I have to dress in Morroco? Feel free to dress as you wish , but you will feel more comfortable if you avoid short dresses or shorts and cleavage and avoid unwanted attention. Special consideration is recomended at Ramadan.

Foreign cars are allowed in Morroco for a period from 6 months to one year, but if you came into the country with your car you can't leave it behind if you  decide leave the country.

Although there is no specific restrictions in this concern, most beaches close to Tetuan , such as Martil, Rincon, Oued, Asla...are family beaches and you will feel more comfortable wearing a bikini at a beach closer to Ceuta, those from Kabila onwards.

The sale of alcohoolic drinks in downtown Tetuan is quite restricted and is not sold at stores, but you can have a drink at the following places:

Most high end hotels and restaurants at the shore sell alcohoolic beverages. For ex. Cocodrilo, Yatching Club at Rincón or El Mandi or Meridiana on the road to Ceuta.


Bread is never thrown into the garbage in Morroco! It's "haram" (sin)... the old, unwanted , dry etc. bread should be put in a plastic bag and placed on top of the skip. It is used to feed animals!

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